Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Had a Berry Good Time!

This is our third annual trip to Shlagel Farms for strawberry picking. Addis does not quite understand that this is a cut out and so he is trying to lick and eat it! This farm does everything organically so you can eat while you pick. This is not what you need to tell my crew! I feel as if I should pay double what they charge me because my three kids literally eat their weight in berries!

Ansley Mills and her friend Nora were pulling the berries out of our box faster than we were putting them in. Last year we were able to can some very tasty jam however this year the berries did not last three days. So there will be a return trip that is strictly for jam purposes.
Addis also discovered the absolute bliss in local produce. He was a very efficient picker and eater. But have you ever changed the diapers of a kid who has eaten nothing but berries for 12 hours! It is not a pretty site! The day was picturesque not too bugs..nice breeze...and since there was no shortage of "snacks" no one was whining about being hungry. If only we could pick berries everyday!


erin said...

Hey guys!! That looks like FUN! I am jealous - I wish we could go. Cincy needs a good berry farm! When are you headed back down here? We need to see another game (with really good seats) and talk the whole time! :) heehee - check out my blog so you can see our kids - I love seeing how big yours are getting. Later....

Townes said...

Good times! Glad that Carpenter's Chaos is back publishing