Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Addis....

Oh Addis... We are nearing our two year anniversary of receiving "the call." That magically moment when the sweet voice on the other end says we have a child for you. Really it is right up there with peeing on a stick and seeing two lines! (information over share?...perhaps) This photo above was one of the first images of our sweet (wild.. strong willed... energetic.. always hungry...) son.
Addis has been talking up a storm...trying to use the potty.. run i mean runs...jumps on his bed...chews on his lovies..and sneaks around the house in the middle of the night.. and no it is not sleep walking... Addis experiences life head first and hands on! Most activities are a contact sport and no matter how much we feed him he continues to worry that he might not get enough... Addis has rocked our world and we are grateful to God for making this sweet boy for us!

I refer to Addis most days as our man child. He is off the charts in height! He is three months past his second birthday and wears 3T clothing and the same size shoe as Ellie!


The Elliott's Adventures said...

can't believe it's been almost 2 years!! wow!! we need to get up there to see that sweet boy (and girls) soon!