Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For the Love....

So I hope these pictures are not too racey to post but they really feature my children in their "normal" state. One.. they are naked. I can't keep clothes on these kids and with temps in the 100's I can't blame them. Two... these pictures were taken by Ellie and Ansley Mills! They even posed for them.. obviously. However.. these punks crack me up and on a day like today with little humor to speak of (first day back in the real world after three childless days with hubs in mountains) I need a reminder.
Currently my children are obsessed with dental hygiene and love love their dentist! There could be worse things right... well i am not sure how much toothpaste they are currently digesting versus actually cleaning their teeth.. and who thought it was a good idea to make toothpaste taste and look like candy?

Please note the gut on my beautiful boy! This man child is huge! His new interest are taking off his diaper and the rule is if you are old enough to take it off and tell me you need a clean one then up on that potty you go! While building our bathroom my over six foot husband installed us a "custom" fit toilet.. only "custom" to those over six feet tall! The rest of us dangle precariously off the end. Other toilets our children encounter are known as "little pottys."
Negotiations play a huge role in this house. And kids are the best at stalling and seeking the limits to your negotiating powers. So as they were laying down to have quiet time today I told them you can't get out of bed. However.. you can read books.. do a puzzle...lay quietly... you don't have to sleep but you need to stay in bed and let your body rest... So for the next few minutes questions came at me like gun fire..."can we get up if we have to use the potty?" "What if someone is crying can i comfort them?" "mommy are you going to get lonely..." "what do you do when we have quiet time" "are you going to let us know when it's over" "can i get up and get more books if i am done with the ones i have" all of those i answered with if you have to get out of bed then no...

"Mommy what if the house is on fire? can we get out then?" I kid you not!


Holly Priscilla said...

good. gosh. these dental hygiene pics will probably end up framed by my bathroom mirror, just so you know. that's the kind of sass that keeps me going. also i have a carpenter kid request: i would love to see your kids' interpretive dance responses to willow smith's "whip my hair" song. please!!!!