Monday, November 5, 2007

The Beginning

So, here we are. Leah and I have been talking about doing a blog for a while, but like most things in our life, it has taken about four time longer than it would for normal people to do. If you read past this first post, you will begin to see that this is a pattern in our life. Not being abnormal mind you, but just the fact that almost anything we set our minds to do ends up encountering countless frustrating and hilarious bumps along the way. This is our life and so we are excited to share all its trials, joys and blessings through this blog. We hope you enjoy.

As for us, while I am tempted to write page upon page detailing everything that has gone on for the last 5 years, I don't think that is blog etiquette. Consequently, our posts will likely be a disjointed string of "did I mention this" or "have I written about that" until we really get the hang of it.

Yet, the main stuff is pretty straight forward. We moved onto Capitol Hill about 7 months ago and life is really good. Ellie will be 3 in December, Ansley Mills just turned 1 and Leah and I will have been married for 7 years in May 2008. The biggest news in our life right now is our pending adoption of a little boy from Ethiopia. We are so excited and hope to fill you in on all the details of this very long but wonderful process through the blog. The Lord has already taught us so much and we can't wait to share it with all of you.

So i think this is a good start for our first post. Not too many details, but not flippant nonsense either. Please comment if you think our blogging stinks or if you like what we are saying. Either way we will have a good healthy dialogue and try to really stick to this so we don't become the one-hit wonder laughing stock of the blogging world.

Peace Out


KCG said...

What's wrong with flippant nonsense? I happen to specialize in flippant nonsense. I'm offended. You're already controversial and it's your first post.

Rob van Gilse said...

I laughed and laughed... remembering what it was like with little ones.... it just gets better, different and challanging in news ways but better and better.
Uncle Rob