Thursday, November 15, 2007

I picked these to share...

Like many days, we have stories to tell of the funny things Ellie says. Yesterday was no exception and two stick out as comedy in the midst of "crisis."

1. While walking back from Safeway, Ellie started running and looking back at Ansley Mills and I saying, "come get me." This was cute and all but I could see that at any minute she was going to bite it on the uneven city sidewalks. But the joy in her eyes, not to mention me gleefully thinking how tired this was making her, I let her run on.

So of course, she bit the pavement and skinned her knees. As we came to her aide, (oh yeah did I mention she was wearing her Tinkerbell dress) she had her little skirt pulled up and was screaming, "Barbie!!! I need Barbie band aids!" So for the next three blocks she called out to Barbie and once we were able to "Barbie her up," she felt much better.

2. Late afternoons/early evenings are tough times at home. We're all tired, it's been dark since 4 and all they want is Dad. So a friend invited Ellie over to play dress ups and have dinner. It was dark and raining so I decided to drive. On the way over I almost rear ended a van that decided to stop mid-intersection (sorry Tom). So I slammed on my breaks and the car came to a halt making those pleasant sounds only a near wreck makes. Ellie starts freaking out in the back seat. I seriously thought, "Oh no she's hurt her neck." She was doing that cry where no words are coming together but she is desperately trying to tell me what pains her...

"Ellie, are you hurt?" "We're okay we didn't wreck." "Ellie you're scaring mommy, can you tell me whats wrong?"

At the top of her lungs, and barely getting the words out, "my, my, my snnnaaack" "my, my, snnnaaackk" "my snackkkk almost fell." "my snack almost fell."

Need I say more!


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! I love that you all are blogging. And I am so excited you are adopting! I cannot wait to read more about this sweet addition. LOVE YOU ALL!

Ann Woods said...

Hello, Carpenters! I love your blog! Keep the posts coming... And tell Ellie I would probably be upset too if my snack almost fell. :)