Monday, November 12, 2007

My American Idol, Ya'll

Growing up in Ohio I had no idea what a "grit" was, that is the kind you eat. However, I attended the University of Tennesee and my then roommate, and one of my dearest friends now introduced me to southern cuisine, otherwise known as Cracker Barrell. Please tell me you love their hashbrown casserole!

My sweet husband has some interesting eating habits, and when we got married he just did not understand how girls sustained themselves on cereal, yogurt and fruit. Plus he only eats hot lunches... So in the quest to please and domesticate myself I learned to cook. Anywho, fast forward to my life now with cable and say, "Hello Paula Deen!"

If you know her, you know her favorite ingrediants are butter, sugar, and butter. So it has to taste good. Instantly I had a bond with this woman. I mean what is not to like about her, she lives this one life she has to the fullest. As I learned from my dutch relatives I come honestly by my sweet tooth and believe dessert should be enjoyed at least twice a day. So enter Paula with her sweetened whipping cream, gooey bars and other such necessaties.

For mother's day my family (tom and the girls) found out that Paula was coming to DC and got me front and center tickets. Friends let me tell you it was everything and more. Not only did I get to see her live, cooking and being Paula, tom ducked out early to go stand in line so that I could meet her and get a cookbook signed! I am a dork, I know and I loved every second of it.


KCG said...

Wow, Paula's expression just screams, "SECURITY!" And I think that's a body guard standing behind you.

I love that Mama Carpenter cooks Paula recipes. I've benefited from a few of those meals and they are GOOO-OOOD, yall.

Missy said...

I am so jealous!! Duda, I so love her. My family loves her restaurant in Savanah.