Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Intentions vs. My Reality

My Intentions:
Last night tom had to work late. So in order to beat out those late afternoon/evening blues, I decided that after dinner, me and the girls would go to the library. We have this great library nearby that has dedicated a whole floor to kids. They even have toys and puzzles! This will be a great way to get out of the house, do something fun, and get home just in time for bed.

My Reality:
On the way there...Ansley Mills took her shoes and socks off on the way over, no big deal i will just carry her in... Ellie decides she is going to wear her very best christmas dress to library because "its a special night" no big deal, what harm can that be...
So enter the library and head upstairs, Ansley Mills is happy as a clam cruising around the bookshelves, Ellie picks out a book to read (dora of course) and within minutes of settling down, "momma i have to use the potty!" Okay put books on table, pick up ansley Mills and head to the potty.. Can't put AM down because she does not have shoes on, so balancing her i get ellie on the potty...okay we've used the potty, washed hands, and head back to the books...
"Momma I need to POOP!" So back we head.. She demands privacy and so i give her some....
a few minutes pass, "ellie are you done yet?"
"nope, one more is coming"
more time passes.. and so the story goes for a bit.. AM is getting agitated, because she wants to get down..

then i hear.. "ohh no.."
"mommy my dress feel in the potty."

1. the tiolet is full of you know what
2. the back edge of her whole dress is in the potty....

we finish..
we head back to the car, wet dress, one book read, and a whole hour worth of potty time!!!

this is our life.


KCG said...

I think the lesson here is clear: reading is bad.

jessel said...

Amen. I hear you sister. this is our life. many gems in our crowns in heaven for just getting through potty training!!