Friday, February 15, 2008

Window Blinds & "Father of the Bride" Reflection

Yes it is a weird title, but it completely describes last night.

For those that have been following, Leah has been in Cincinnati with the girls since last Friday and finally returns today!! Consequently, I spent last night doing all the house projects Leah left for me to "consider" doing while she was away. To Leah's credit, the list was quite manageable when I had a week to complete it. Yet, with little to no progress on the list as of 7:00 last night, I had my work cut out for me.

One of the main projects was window blinds. As many of you know, we renovated an 86-year old row house on Capitol Hill last winter and moved in at the end of March. Sadly, the "temporary" paper blinds I bought at home depot on moving day have remained up until now. So my responsibility this week was to simply to measure the windows and order the blinds from this great website we were recomended to. Check it out at

The measuring and ordering was one of the only tasks I completed this weekend, and yet to my surprise, the blinds arrived yesterday. Given this, I thought it would be a worthwhile project to install them last night, at least in our bedroom, for Leah's return. Further, we have seven windows in our bedroom, so it was going to take a while.

For company, I decided to turn on the TV while I worked and found a "Father of the Bride" marathon on AMC. Now regardless what you may be thinking about me as a man alone on Valentines Day watching Father of the Bride, I wholly admit to loving the movie. In fact, Leah has always joked that I did not get the Annie Banks (the main daughter character who is getting married) I was looking for when I married her.

Regarding the film, I have always enjoyed the romantic storyline in the movie. Even though it is a comedy; the wedding planning, music, atmosphere and characters are spot on, and it really makes for a great story. However, last night, I felt like I was watching the movie for the first time, but this time from the perspective of the Father. It was quite remarkable and it made me think about how quickly the years will go by.

There are several scenes where Steve Martin's character looks at his daughter and see her at varrying stages of life - first as a little girl and then through adolescence and finally as the woman standing before him. It was poignant, exciting and sad all at the same time.

On one hand, I truly love having daughters. I feel like God really made me for the job and I absolutely love the enthusiasm and love they show when I walk through the door every evening or the way Ellie is alway dressing up wanting to be told endless stories of princesses being rescued by princes. The heart of a daughter is just so precious and so innocent and there is nothing I wouldn't do for my girls.

On the other hand, this time is so fleeting and I can already see where the little babies I held in my arms in what seems like mere moments ago, are already little girls growing up fast. It is so easy to understand how one day you are decorating princess crowns and the next walking your daughter down isle. It is in this that I often scramble to freeze the stage of life we are in and can become sad about how quickly it all goes by.

But alas, this is not the way life works. Years go by quicker than the last and little girls grow into young women and then adults in an instant. However, I don't think the Lord calls us to be melancholy about the ephemeral nature of children and how they grow up so fast. Instead, I know that I am to be thankful for the tremendous blessing God has given me in our girls. Further, it makes me really want to invest in them and their hearts now, taking advantage and savoring every moment, no matter how hectic it can sometimes get. Indeed, life at our house is often not to the tune of a perfect "Father of the Bride" soundtrack, but life really is sweet and Ellie and Ansley Mills are one of God's richest blessings in my life.

Thus was my evening last night. The blinds are up and look good and I have been given a reminder to not simply let life go by, but to value even the simplest moments with my family.


L. Watson said...

well put ole chap!

Lauren said...

since your such a fan of the movie tom, you know you could see a lot of kimberly here in town. she's a resident. D and I call her "family."

RB said...

maybe it would have been appropriate to be watching the This Old House marathon...

RB said...

Is the approval of comments on the blog due to a sales pitch for vacuums and blenders that some people keep posting????

KCG said...

Oooooh kay. You should change the title of this post to "How NOT to spend you bachelor week".

That movie makes me want to chew on broken glass. Perfect people with unattainable lives crying about the color of the napkins.

I knew I should have checked in on you.