Monday, March 3, 2008


We had dinner with friends the other night and they casually mentioned, "we love your blog, but you need more pictures." I am going to assume it was not me they wanted to see more of and so with that I will walk you through some of our most recent shots.

check out these cuties, does this shot not read, "what, you say it's not snack time yet.. ohh"

At the National Building Mesuem they hosted a "engineer day." They had all sorts of stations geared for KIDS to build, learn and ask engineers questions. I think this particular project was more interesting to the bigger kids.

Ellison and one of her best buddies Kolton smiling proudly over their (daddies) work.

Ellie wanted to know if I could see any of her "boggies." For mom, a why did I go to college momment...

Ansley Mills busted!

How could such a face ever do anything wrong.

I mean seriously?

While Ellie was napping, she swipped her sister's raincoat. More and more I am catching her doing just what Ellie does.

Not sure how much room we have for more princesses in the house.


graceling said...

They are just too cute!

Lauren said...

glad to see some cute pics too.