Monday, August 4, 2008

Court Date Tomorrow!!!

So this is it. We are on the eve of our court date and our stomach's are in knots!

If successful, we will finally be able to post pictures on our blog and tell all of you everything about him. And most exciting, we will likely get to travel in early September to pick him up. However, if it is delayed or if there are problems tomorrow, we will likely not get another shot at court until mid-October and would not be able to get him until sometime in November.

We are so nervous for what tomorrow will bring. While information is vague, we have been told that we are one of approximately 20 families in court tomorrow. This is apparently a normal load to work through in a day for the Ethiopian courts, but we also found out last week that the date of the court closure has been moved up to this Thursday, meaning that we will only have Wednesday to work with if something happens tomorrow.

That said, we know that God is good and are not just saying that for the cameras! As scared as we may be about all the different things that could go wrong, we know that the Lord is with us and that He desires to bless us. We also know that whatever happens is a part of His perfect will and that He is more than sufficient for our needs. We have been blessed beyond belief with a healthy little boy and a smooth and uneventful adoption thus far and we are thankful.

But we still have one last hump and we covet your prayers! Ethiopia is 7 hours ahead of eastern time and so it is likely that much of the court work could be done while we sleep tonight. In that regard, we are hoping to stay up late tonight so that we are praying when the judge or judges are just waking up to start their day in Ethiopia. We hope all of you will join us in praying before you go to bed tonight and then when you wake up as there may be a few hours of court left at that point. Please pray for the following things:

1.) Pray for the judge or judges to have a compassionate heart and to have the desire to clear the decks of all pending adoptions in court before they close for the rainy season.
2.) Pray for all paperwork to be in the right order and for our court representative to have good answers to any questions the judge may have about us.
2.) Pray for our little boy, that he would continue to be nurtured and loved and remain in good health while we wait to get him.
3.) Pray for all the other families who have court tomorrow or who are still waiting for court proceedings that have known of their children and been waiting much longer than we have.
4.) Pray for us, that we would have great faith and be molded in this process.

Thank you in advance for being part of our adoption, our lives and praying for us. We will post as we know something tomorrow.


Clay and Tracy said...

Well be praying!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coffeemom said...

in our prayers and rosary for court tomorrow!

The Albertsons said...

Praying sweet friends!!!
I KNOW. K. N. O. W. how hard this is. I hope you can get some sleep tonight and take some deep breaths. God is in control.

Jennifer and Jody said...

joining you in prayer...anxious to hear what today brings for us all!