Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cincinnati For Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all a few days late. Last week DC was pummeled by a winter storm that gave us 20 inches of snow. It was wonderful, really socked in tight. Althought we got a little stir crazy it really helped us slow down and reflect upon our Savior's birth. After five hours of shoveling our car out and clearing part of the alley, the family van was ready to head west to Cincinnati Ohio to celebrate Christmas with my parents.
The packing of the bags and car was a feat of stamina, patience and timeouts. I successfully failed to pack presents, kids meds, and "outfits" for the kids. We rolled out on time and swung by Dunkin Donuts before hitting the interstate. As we are crossing over the 395 bridge Ellie calls from the back, "did you give Ansley Mills her car medicine?" Great call Ellie, our sweet little Ansley Mills is a true urban tot, she gets sick anytime we are in the car over 20 minutes. I reason it is because she literally spent the first year of her life in the car a handful of times. However, gracious Ellie's reminder is we were too late and it was thirty minutes later and we had our first pull over! Notice I said first...
After several "clean up" stops, a few false potty alarms, lunch/gas, snow and traffic we made it to Cincinnati in nothing shy of 9 hours. We ate dinner and practically went to bed. The following day I met up with several girls whom I grew up with and some of their children. It was so surreal to see friends and their kids! Man are we getting old. Each day was spent with some quality time with family. A real gift! I usually only see them once a year and all on one day, this breaking it up as the first chance in a long time to see each section of our family. Christmas morning was so much fun watching the kids open gifts and thank Jesus for giving them gifts on His birthday! We have very generous family members who lavish on us and we are grateful for them. So now we are packing up and gearing up for the "joyride" back to DC. Tom and I have decided to do a "life audit" and reeve up for 2010!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Carpenter Family said...

who are you anonymous? we're so curious?