Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watch Em' Sleep...

After several failed attempts to wake Addis up for breakfast... I did what any thoughtful Mom would do and I got our camera. Mind you it was not the weekend when we strongly encourage the kids to sleep in for every one's sake. Our son NEVER misses an opportunity to eat!

Is this the face of a future teenage moment or what?

So there have been a few occasions when we go into Addis's room and he is clearly in the midst of a sleep cycle. He gives us looks like this... The "don't even try it" or the "go ahead and try look"... After this picture was taken Addis stayed in bed for another hour and a half. At 9:30AM I had to take him out of bed and dress his limp body. Somewhere around 11:30am he woke up and started joining in our day. I seriously felt like I was draggin a stubborn teenager out of bed only I was bigger and stronger. Which by the looks of this 2 year old is not going to be much longer. This is Addis sporting his 3T pj's and big boy bed.
So what is new with our chaos? Well I don't know why I continue to be surprised that days seem long however at the same time months go by and I wonder where did that go? So the kids (ages 5.. 3 1/2.. and 2) have been exercising their verbal independence on a very regular basis. However at the same with a limited vocabulary and reasoning skills there has been high levels of frustration around the house. A wise woman (Barbara Comstock) told me that on those really hard days go watch em' sleep. So there have been many evenings and early mornings where I have peeked in on them. I tried to get pictures of the others but failed. So friends when you have those days.. watch em' sleep...