Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Pictures at the Ethiopian Embassy

One of the coolest things about living in Washington is being able to see all the Embassies of just about every foreign country you can imagine. Many of them are beautiful castle-like buildings and there are all sorts of free events that you can attend throughout the year where the host country gets to show off some of their food, culture and art.

So the other day, Leah came up with a great idea to go visit and take a few pictures at the Ethiopian Embassy for Christmas. Consequently, I took off a little early from work yesterday and we grabbed our friend Jim to come take some pictures before the Embassy closed for the day. Right before leaving, Leah said to Ellie, "we need to get ready to go the Ethiopian Embassy to take some pictures." Right on Cue, Ellie stated emphatically, "And to pick up my brother!" We had to explain to her that the Embassy did not have her brother, but that he would be home with us in no time flat. It was both hilarious and endearing.

When we finally arrived, I was impressed with how modern the Embassy was. While I was hoping for a more Ethiopian feel to the place, I think we got some nice shots and the staff was more than welcoming to us when they learned that we were in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. We had a good time and are thankful for Jim's picture taking skills.

Hope you enjoy!

I know it looks just like a Christmas tree from anywhere, but this is indeed the Christmas Tree in the Embassy.

Ellie Marching like a guard within the Embassy gates

Ansley doing her best Hallmark card impression

In front of the giant Ethiopian tribal art mural