Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Today is Ellie's birthday. Please join us in celebrating three wonderful years of her life. I have highlighted this with a few pictures below.

One note, Ellie thinks her birthday is tomorrow and we are affirming this belief. Before you think we are cruel parents, please understand that tomorrow is Ellie's Princess Tea Party Birthday Party, an event she has been talking about for the better part of this year. As you can imagine, this week has reached a fever pitch as far as her anticipation of her party and we just did not think she could handle the fact that today is her birthday and yet her party in not until tomorrow.

This week Ellie has asked to sleep with the Cinderella napkins we bought for her party, asked to hold the Tinkerbell candle we bought for her birthday cake at just about every meal, organized and reorganized the pink and purple plates and cups we bought for the event many times and has been mentally preparing for which princess outfit and which princess cup she will be using for her party. It has been hilarious and crazy.

So Happy Birthday Ellie, tomorrow that is...