Monday, December 17, 2007

O' To Party Like A Princess

The closer we got to Ellie's big day, the more into her party supplies she got. I would like to say this was a one time occasion but organizing her stuff became a favorite activity for the whole week and there were several meltdowns when they had to be put up for the day.

We celebrated at breakfast with the family. Dad tried to make pancakes but realized too late that we had no eggs. So after some convincing we got her to accept cinnamon toast as an alternative. After she opened her presents she insisted on wearing everything that morning.

While I prepped for the party, Tom helped her pick out her outfit. She wanted to hang it up on her closet like mommy does when she is getting ready for a party. That is sweet of her and it makes it sound like I attend a lot of parties, I don't.

So how does one throw a three year old princess tea party? Well, I wanted to go all out but was reminded by my sweet husband that we have so many more of these to come that we must set the bar low.

So it worked like this. First, we had a small court of local princesses and arranged crowns for them to decorate with jewels, shapes, and stickers. Once this was done, we started a dance lesson with a sweet friend who took dance for many years. She lead them in a little lesson that they got into more that I thought they would. The best was when Ellie blurted out halfway the lesson, "then kick." I was so proud of her to leave behind her girlyness for a shout out to kicking. After the dance lesson, we had cake, then a group picture and then home! Short, sweet, and cute pictures for reference.


Ann Woods said...

Wow, love the photo of the girls in their princess dresses! Leah, you should wear that more often. Poofy yellow becomes you.