Monday, December 3, 2007

The Paperwork Lull

We have gotten a lot of questions lately regarding where we are in the process of our adoption or how things are going. To answer, they are going quite well, but we are starting to get to a lull of activity.

This is good and bad. On the good side, it is nice to not be talking about what paperwork needs to be filled out and notarized or what appointments need to be made every night over dinner. Leah has done an amazing job organizing and shepherding the paperwork process of our adoption, so it is nice to finally be nearing the end of this phase.

On the other hand, the busyness helps the time pass quickly and it has given us a sense that with every signature, FedEx and notarization, that we are one step closer to our child. But now we simply must wait. First for the final arrival, review and authentication of some of our paperwork, then for the translation of our documents in Ethiopia and finally for the referral of a little boy. We don't really know how long this will all take but it will be at least several months.

I also think the lull and the waiting are good because they help us focus purely on our soon to be son rather than on how tedious and frustrating the process is. I am ashamed to admit that it has been easy for me to lose sight of the ultimate purpose behind all the work and instead focus on how much it has required of us. All to say, I am looking forward to having this down time to further prepare for our little boy's arrival and to reflect on the great excitement we have for the day we get to bring him home!

"Waiting" - Herrera (oil on canvas)


ange said...

hi there! great blog - we will be following your journey! love the NY pics, especially your beautiful kids at the window to the city. best of luck in getting the last bits of your paperwork, then you can really start to enjoy the lull. :)

Dr. K.Lo said...

glad you enjoyed the big city.
and the waiting period.
when will you be posting regarding your vitamix advertisement- starring the Carps in matching polo shirts?