Monday, February 11, 2008


Luis Faife Quartet at HR 57

It is horribly depressing to see how long it has been since we posted on our blog. I am trying to stave off a trend here, so look for posts to come fast and furious this week. We will reclaim our position as good bloggers, I swear it!

So, I am all alone. Leah and the girls went to Cinci last Friday to surprise her Mom for her birthday. They are having a great time and don't return for another four days. While I have enjoyed some down time to myself and am glad Leah is getting a little help this week, I miss them all terribly and am ready for them to come home.

That said, I got to do some cool stuff this weekend...

On Friday night I went to a Chinese New Year's party thrown by my friend Jonathan Shiu at Mark's Duck House in Virginia. Usually I don't do Chinese New Year because of a bad run in I had with Dim Sum 5 years ago, but this was a non-Dim Sum celebration and good times were had by all.

After that, I hit a jazz club with my good buddy Ken Germer. I was up till 1:30 AM and not helping Ellie use the potty in a bathrobe. It was revolutionary! The best part about going with Ken is that he understands the whole "no talking while listening" thing about Jazz. Leah never wants to go with me because of this, so Friday night was special and I got to take in one of my great loves, Jazz that is, not Ken.

On Saturday, the Lokkesmoe's had me over for dinner with the Polston's and Morrell's and the food was delicious. I was definitely the 7th wheel, but managed.

To cap it off, I had a lunchtime cigar with my friend Jeff Boyd yesterday, went to church and then to bible study to wrap up a nice weekend.

My honey-do list does not have many check marks on it yet, but hopefully I will get to it this week. More blogging to come...


Zach said...

Tom, I also share your aversion to talkers and talking when seeing live music. Talking is for setbreaks. The extent of my in-concert conversations is usually along the lines of "That was awesome", or "Yep."

Consider this proof that I really do read your blog.

L. Watson said...

how old are you? lunchtime cigars and jazz? i mean really. college wasn't that long ago was it?

miss you guys. my stomach still growls at the thought of leah's sun-dried tomato chicken she cooked us when we were there last. maybe yall should start a weekly recipe post...

KCG said...

I will confirm that Tom was hard-core on Saturday. Not only were we out past 1am, but we almost got into a bar fight with the loud-mouths sitting around us. That's how we roll at Camp Germer - leave it to a thirtysomething to show the twentysomethings how it's done.

Who am I kidding. I needed two naps to make it through the next day. And we didn't get into a bar fight, we just scowled at the yappy college kids sitting nearby.