Monday, January 28, 2008

I've been tagged...

Playing at the indoor playground with friends.

Looking cute while getting into a roll of tape.

Being tackled by Ellison and loving it.

Ellison being a victim of marketing while walking to the indoor playground.

So this is all new to me but apparently I have been tagged by a friend to write 8 things about our girls. I am glad that it's not ten because then I would feel like I had to compete with a Letterman list and he has more experience then I do writing such witty things.

1. When clean, Ellison must wear all three pairs of her Cinderella underwear. She just can not bear to leave one behind so all three go on, and then it becomes an issue when they need to be washed. Try explaining to a three year old why after a day or two she must relinquish her treasured drawers.

2. Ansley Mills has been talking up a storm and when you repeat back to her what she was saying, she nods and says yeeeahhh with a big grin on her face.

3. Both girls have an extremely strong stubborn will, today ansley mills sat in the same spot for an hour and a half in protest of me taking her to the gym childcare center. Seriously, did not move one inch. Ms. T said she has never seen a child sit there like that... my kid of course

4. Ellison wants to talk about poop a lot!

5. Ansley Mills likes to snuggle with you.

6. Neither of my kids like to eat right now. At first I was thinking well that means we are going to really save on groceries this month but instead we have just wasted a ton of food trying to get them to "taste it." However, their consumption of cheerios seems to be never ending.

7. Ellie and Ansley Mills like to wrestle and tackle each other, makes me wish we didn't have hardwood floors.

8. The girls are learning to pray at meals and at night. Ansley Mills just contributes amen and has started putting her hands together because that is what ellie does. Most of time ellie prays for Cinderella, Tinkerbelle, the window, the light, before she moves onto family. It is quite precious to see who she prays for on any given night, friends by name and family, and her brother in Ethiopia. The other night she asked God to keep him safe and warm. Precious