Monday, January 28, 2008


Well friends, we have our offical fingerprint date! Next week, Tom and I will be heading out to Virginia to have our fingerprints taken for CIS (Citizen and Immigration Services). Our home study is done and this is one of the final pieces before authenticating our dossier. We are so grateful to have these scheduled and pray that this step will be speedy.

Tom and I have been so excited to hear from friends about their interest in adoption. It's a beautiful thing when you read about or hear about another family being open to being blessed by a sweet child. We love reading other folks blog who are also in this process and how they articulate their emotions along this journey. We still have a ways to go but have been grateful to our agency and to the support we've had around us. This morning a good friend asked, "how can I be praying for you?" And I told her quite honestly, please pray that I would know God is good and wants good things for me. I say this because anytime something goes not just the way i thought, planned, or anticipated, I am quick to wonder, "why doesn't God want this to happen like this..." I forget too often that God is on my side and like a parent wants the best for his children even when they(us) do not know it all.