Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eco Baby

Last week, we noticed Ansley Mills taking a particular interest in the potty. So now it seems between her, Ellie and Daddy, the bathroom gets a lot of attention. Mostly it is to play with and take toilet paper all over the house. For example, Ellie promises she has to, "wipe" her nose about fifty times a day. Perhaps allergies are in her future...

All to say, while my family was out of town and I was left to my own devices for five days (a whole other post), I retrieved the ol' starter potty out of the attic as a surprise for Ansley Mills when she got back. Not to single anyone out, Ellie received a special container for her hair clips and Tom got the soundtrack to Once.

Ansley Mills was thrilled with her gift, and no lie, has used the potty twice! No diaper, just buns on potty, and well then you know what happens next. She gets a little ration of TP and then puts it in the big potty and gets to flush it.

I am relishing in the fact that my daughter is as concerned about the environment as her momma and sees her diaper usage (mostly cloth) to be a drain on resources.

*Please note she is holding a pair of Ellie's big girl underpants while using the potty, perhaps her inspiration....