Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's going on...

So it's nearly 8pm, Tom is not home, kids are down, and dinner is done(P.S. I am starving and eating handfuls of nuts like its airpopped popcorn).

I realized that we have not updated folks in a while so I thought now is the time. On the Ethiopian front, our golden ticket came in, and it's been signed and is on its way for authentication!!!! We are so grateful to have been "approved" and the next step is the waitlist baby! While we are waiting, we will take online courses about adoption for The Hague, get started on some shots to travel and our visas. We are rejoicing with our friends the Albertson's who are currently holding their sweet boy in Ethiopia. I would link their site but I am "too tired," to quote Ellie's favorite excuse for not doing what we ask her to do.

The bike... All has been redeemed! A sweet, sweet reader has been extremely generous and given me her bike to use for the duration of my training and race. She will be overseas for the next year or so and swears that she is just happy it is going to be used. Bless her! Bless her sweet family! And I look forward to passing the generous acts along, a sweet reminder that God does provide through others (don't worry, I am not passing your bike off, hehehe)

So below are a few of our recent shots, life as we know it, Carpenter's Chaos!

Finally, a girl with some hair! Our attempt to "style"
A trip to National Geographic Museum, on display, real live frogs.

An example of why or how I never seem to get anything done.

Ellie is currently dressing herself and I love it! This is definately a common example of how she gets ready, we were off to bible study. Yes I let her leave the house like this.

This morning ellie informed us while we were asking Ansley Mill's a question, "mommy she can't use words yet, she's allergic to peanut butter." May their creative minds never stop.


The Elliott's Adventures said...

come on, leah..the child has on 2 right shoes!! heehee!
so excited for y'all in the adoption process and hope we get to meet your precious son when we are there in october. and can't wait to meet the girls, as well.
love you both!

KCG said...

I love this post. I am, however, a little concerned that Ellie is going to be the next Cindy Lauper or Betsy Johnson with that fashion sense.