Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Time

The Carpenters' Chaos hit the big time yesterday when Leah's post about getting screwed out of a Craigslist Bike was featured on DC Blogs. We are excited about this recognition and plan on turning our blogging up a notch to accommodate some of our new readers.

So, if you are one the people that just started reading yesterday, we welcome you with open arms and hope we can provide thoughtful, comical and wise insights into our daily life. If you are one our longtime readers, well congratulations. You can be like the people that always talk about how they saw Dave Matthews in a small club before he was big.

That's right, the Carpenters' Chaos is probably going to be as big as Dave Matthews some day...

Ok. This post is ridiculous, conceited and probably annoying to read. However, I had to post something today to make sure our new readers knew we were more than just some fly by night blogging outfit and that we blog often, very often that is.

Happy reading.


The Elliott's Adventures said...

how is that possible? how did you end up on that?