Wednesday, April 2, 2008

When it's quiet....

Yesterday as I was trying to make the bed, and get focused on how to structure our day ahead I noticed it was quiet. At first I was soo grateful, aww the girls are playing together sweetly. However, I soon realized, um it has been strangely quiet. As I thought about what they could possibly be getting into, I recalled that Ellison had asked me for snack some time ago. Then as I was doing ten things at once, I think she even mentioned getting it herself...Oh definately time to go search..

Then I hear, "momma thanks for letting me get a snack."
what are you eating? (dare i ask)
I found this bun in the freezer!

She was so proud of herself for opening the freezer, finding some frozen hamburger buns and helping herself. She then announced, "I closed the door too."
I asked her if that is what she wanted for her snack, a frozen bun a quater of the way chewed... and she did!
Later that day she even talked about how good it was.
I wish I had a picture but still trying to download the most recent ones. Also, please note that if we are posting about anything other than CIS it is because they have not found our mailbox yet.
Still praying...


the albertsons said...

frozen buns. mmmmm.
can't wait to hear about that CIS envelope in the mail- this will probably be your very first huge adoption freak-out moment :).
love you all...

KCG said...

You need to feed that girl so she doesn't have to go digging through the low-lying trash, cabinets and drawers to find sustenance. Poor little thing ... eatin' frozen blocks of bread like a pigeon.

But you were right to now take it away from her. I know the fury that ensues if you get near Ellie's vittles.