Friday, June 13, 2008

Brandon Heath & XM Satellite Radio

Tom, Leah & Brandon

You really gotta love this city and yesterday was another example of why I enjoy living here.

About 11 years ago, I did work crew at Young Life's Malibu Club for a month during the summer. On that work crew was a guy who I became good friends with and have kept up with over the years. His name is Brandon Heath and he has one of the best voices I have ever heard. Brandon has recently made it to the big time and was recently given the GMA New Artist of the Year award in April! If you have never heard of Brandon, then you should become a fan today. His music achieves the perfect balance of great songwriting and instrumentation juxtaposed with real life and the Grace of the Gospel and is anything but what you might perceive to be typical Christian music.

The other part of the story is XM Satellite Radio. Even though I do not have a subscription to XM, I think their product offerings are really cool and their headquarters (I think they call it the "Mothership") are about 15 blocks from my office. The Mothership is one of the coolest buildings I have ever been in and contains some of the most expensive and top of the line recording and sound equipment you will ever lay your eyes on. Everything on XM comes out of this building including all the channels, sports & news coverage and the live performances - which brings me to the correlation of these two seemingly unconnected bits of information.

The XM Master Control Room

Yesterday, Brandon came to town to do a live performance for XM's Christian music channel and Leah and I got to go sit in on the set. It was amazing! There were about 10 of us total in the performance studio sitting back listening to Brandon and his band rock it out.

It was an awesome time and we are thankful to Brandon for letting us come and thankful for the amazing gift God has given him. Check out his music today and I promise you will become an instant fan.

XM Performance Studio


Purifoy Family said...

Love his music too- so fun!

Townes said...

by the way yall are dressed, I woulda thought yall had an invite to the white house... sounds like fun though

The Albertsons said...

You guys are too cool for school. We need to visit DC soon...
becca :)

Lauren said...

good lookin fam.
wish brandon led worship at our church more him.

notes from em said...

Yay for the shout out to Malibu, the best summer of our young lives.
I love that you have kept up with Brandon, and that he is doing so well. I will have to check out his music. And for what its worth there is a work crew and summer staff face book group, just and FYI.
Love reading your blog said...

Hi! I made a new Brandon Heath News blog (haha) and I intend to make it the most up to date blog about the band. Come and visit.
Leave a comment so I can link to you.