Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Typical...

A typical Friday morning at our house, perched on the couch with what Ansley Mill's calls a "nack!" watching some Disney channel. Faithful readers know that Friday is TV day but we must confess this past week was a bit rough and so during those hell hours of the late afternoon, Sesame Street became a great companion of ours. It had been a long week so all of us were in bed early, but Saturday proved to be a true Carpenter experience.

5:30 am- Alarm 1 goes off, Mom starts her long run (out the door by 6, had to have some coffee, water and piece of fruit)
6:30 am- Alarm 2 goes off, Dad rises to run (don't worry Mia is in town and was home while the kids slept)
7:15 am- Dad showering, Mia drinking coffee waiting to be driven to conference, kids roaming the hall wanting, "nack" and "ilk"
7:30 am- Mom is back, soaking wet from sweat and the nasty DC humidity
7:45 am- Dad exits house with kids, and Mia
7:50-8:15am- Mom showers, eats and wants to check email.. phone rings
8:15am- Dad is in the driveway and kid #2 projectile vomited in the car on ride home
8:20am- Mom bathing kid, dad cleaning out car, start another load of wash
8:30am- Kids playing, mom wonders if we should rip up new carpet in newly renovated basement due to more water
8:45am- Dad rips up carpet, both Mom and Dad want to vomit and hear $$$ being taken
9:30am- Make a list of possible reasons we have water in our basement, it has not rained for nearly three days
10:00am- "we're going in" Dad starts cutting holes in the brand new and newly painted dry wall
10:30am- ahhh hahhh After second hole is cut, Dad locates origin of water, plumber never put the AC hose back into the drain, did we mention DC has been 100+ for a couple days. Dad fixes.
10:45am- Shop vac comes out, plug in heater, and dehumidifier running...
11:30am- Break for lunch
12:00pm- Mom climbs into wall and Dad hands her a hose to get the water out from behind the wall, while working with a razor blade to score paper off the dry wall that has been damaged
Meanwhile, Dad posted furniture on Craigslist and is "selling"
1:30pm- Girls are down for a nap, after dumping out all board games, jig saw puzzles, poker chips and domino's on the floor (well we had to do something while salvaging our new basement)
3:30pm- Mia back from conference, overpaid taxi driver due to nerves, Mom and Dad head to Fragers ( only the 100Th time we've been, and the first of five trips this weekend)
4:00pm- Stop by garden to water veggies and check on herbs
4:30pm- Mom is back in the wall checking progress, Dad gets kids up.
5:00pm- Thank Jesus because it could have been much worse, but totally exhausted emotionally and physically from day
5:30pm-Fix kids dinner, feed kids, wipe them off, give them a vanilla wafer and get ready for snobby supper club
Evening- Mia babysits, Mom and Dad enjoy Spanish tapas paired with wine, Dad is driving home, Mom does not!
What a friggin day!


Townes said...

If yall need someone to write the plumber a letter, my services are real cheap... like nothing, so let me know. Sorry to hear about it.

Matt N said...

Did Tom really run on friday morning or did he pay you to put that in there? I don't believe it... Sorry about your basement.

Derek said...

should i even say that my day didn't start until around 8... and included well.... just shopping for a bike, a little studying, and cooking dinner?

you're right... i shouldn't say that with all you guys went through... i'll just keep my mouth shut.

have enjoyed catching up on your blog. someday, tom, let's actually have lunch!

JTP said...

I thought after a long run you were supposed to nap all day???? Where was mom's nap???

Purifoy Family said...

This is hilarious!Sorry about the basement. I agree about a lettert to the plumber...

KCG said...

Um. Snobby supper club? Are you not the ones who serves "Vuhginia peanut soup" for your hosting turn? Are you not the ones who came up with the idea for the supper club?

The Albertsons said...

sounds like a totally normal day to me...

Anonymous said...

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