Monday, June 2, 2008

Friends, Readers Come Back!

Okay, okay so the Carpenters have been somewhat MIA for a few weeks. However, be assured that this is not/will not become the trend. We promise not to be the blog that starts out strong only to fizzle out when the honeymoon has worn off. Perhaps we have said this before when the going gets tough but bear with us. We're not John and Kate plus 8 but lately we seem to be the family that burns through boxes of cereal faster than tanks of gas.

Some highlights to bring us all up to speed:

1. There is a park down the street that we play at regularly. Now there is no restroom at the park and so with all these little people learning to control their bladders there is this unspoken "pee tree" that most nannies, and mommies take their little ones too in emergency cases. Now this of course cases a lot of controversy amongst the community so now the "pee tree" is outside the border of the designated play area. Now on Memorial Day we joined friends for a picnic at a totally different park, where Ellie proudly announced, "I need to find the poo poo tree."

At the end of each day we have gotten into the practice of asking both girls, what their favorite part of the day was and something they were thankful for... Do we even need to let you know that Ellie's were as follows?

Favorite part of the day: "pooping outside near the tree"

Grateful for: "that poo poo tree, and my poo poo waiting until we got there"

2. Strawberry Picking... For Ansley Mills this experience was similar to our pumpkin patch episode.

Running to the berries...

The crew of berry pickers, mostly eaters. The owner made the mistake of telling the kids they can eat while they pick, every time i looked up from the bushes Ellie was eating away. I am sure we ate more than we purchased!


DC said...

LOL at the "pooping tree!"

Townes said...

That's kinda gross.. and watch out for DSS

julia said...

is the the sequel to "the giving tree?"