Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last Wednesday night a scream came from Ellison's room around 10:30 PM (we were watching Top Chef, love love that show). It was the kind of scream a child makes when there is a stranger standing over their bed, when something tragic is being witnessed, the kind of scream that sends a parent running. Tom went into her bedroom and for the next twenty minutes there was crying and Tom trying to calm Ellie to no avail. I did not want to go in and intervene since Tom had already invested so much energy and effort. The next thing I hear is the bath water running, so I put together that Ellie had an accident in her bed. No one likes waking up in their own urine, then being transfered to a bath while they have been sleeping. However, that was the least of our problems.

As Tom takes her back into the room, I hear silence then hyperventilating and more wailing. Tom comes back into the room and (I am thinking great I am going to miss that judges table) half smiling half exhausted from all the crying asks me, "Ellie wants to know if she can sleep with her lambies that are soaking wet with pee?" Now come on we all know the answer to this question. However, you must know the back story of lambie to fully appreciate the desperation of her ask. Starting when Ellie was about two months old we put a Lambie in her bed with her so that she could be attached to it and whenever we needed her to sleep someplace else her lambie would be the constant that gave her comfort. Now this worked like a charm and she could sleep ANYWHERE as long as she had lambie. Once on a trip to Greenville SC, i realized on the plane that Lambie had been left behind, and got a friend to open up a store after hours to score another lambie. Now she knew it was different but it worked (she was six or seven months old at the time). So now we had two, the original and "back up" lambie in case of emergencies. When Ellison was a bit over one, she discovered there were two, when i accidently left the drawer open that had the "back up." Now they are lovingly refered to as "rough" and "sweet" lambie. Rough lambie has ears that are now grey, its the original one. Sweet lambie has pinker ears and a more round face. Rough is the prefered lambie.

Now we are at 11:30pm, she is still hystarical, I mean would fall asleep for two minutes and awake crying out for "lambie." Tom offered her Ansley Mills lambie (which is a bunny, same idea right?) and as he snuck into her room to remove bunny, AM awoke "ambie, ambie?" Nice try dad but that was not going to work. So mom did what any mom would do at that hour, started a load of wash. At 5:30 am I woke up to go for a run and Ellie woke up screaming, forgetting about the torture of the evening before, luckily I rushed down stairs and retrieved both rough and sweet lambie from the dryer. And like that peace came over her and she ended up sleeping until 9:30am.

I have to be honest and say that Tom and I spent about equal time laughing and feeling her pain. At one point Tom asked if we could buy five more next time we were in South Carolina. Like a best friend moved, died or was gone forever. LAMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matt N said...

Glad you're making up for a prolonged blog silence with two good new posts. Keep the good stuff coming!

The Albertsons said...

Uh, yeah. I totally get it. Leah has her "uh oh's" (old, disgusting cloth diapers, 15 of them). She puked on them the other night and still wanted them. So gross!!!!
hope you guys are well!!!

Brandi said...

I love the adventures of the Carpenter family! Adorable pictures of Ellie, Ansley Mills and Lambies.

Townes said...

I doubt that I shop in Lambie stores, but I'll be gald run into one and pick up a couple more lambies if it'll same yall some strife