Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Super Tuesday Strikes Again!!


We just received a call this afternoon notifying us to our pending court date on August 5Th. We share this special day with many other families waiting to become new parents (some for the first time and some again)!!! We ask that you continue to pray for these families, the courts, the judges and the outcomes. It's not about our son, it's about families being together, and children belonging to a larger community that wants to love and care for them. They are currently under the supervision of local agencies who have top notch folks giving care and doing leg work like you can't imagine to give these kids a home. We are grateful for them and the sacrifices of time and energy they are making for our cases. Pray friends, Pray... "Momma why are you crying?" Tears of joy my sweet child, tears of joy.

We appreciate your support and encouragement!


Clay and Tracy said...

Wow! That is awesome!! You agency is quick!!

The Albertsons said...


Lauren said...

that's GREAT news!