Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Court Date Waiting

Today marks a week since we got to meet our little boy via email and we are still waiting for that magic court date. We are feeling hopeful, but also trying to temper our expectations.

Over the last few days, many people have inquired as to how the next steps work, so I thought a little explanation might be in order.

As of now, we have accepted the referral of our little boy and are waiting for the Ethiopian courts to give us a hearing date where they will approve, delay or deny our petition for adoption. We do not have to be present for this hearing, but all the documentation we worked on at the beginning of this process, as well as our wonderful adoption agency, will represent us there. Usually a court date is set about 2 months after acceptance of a referral, but because the courts close for the two-month rainy season on August 8th, our agency and the Ethiopian courts are trying to clear the docket prior to closing.

If a court date is scheduled for us before August 8th, and if we are approved for this adoption on that date, our little boy will essentially be ours from the Ethiopian government's perspective and we will be able to travel to pick him up within 3-5 weeks of that date!!! That said, getting a court date does not ensure that our adoption will be approved on that date. Missing paperwork or a judges question about some aspect of our adoption would probably delay successful court proceedings until October and possibly November.

To be honest, we really fear this scenario as the idea of knowing our son and yet having to wait many more months before we are able to go get him would seem to be a very difficult task. However, we are hopeful and trusting in the Lord's perfect sovereignty. He holds all these details!

Sooooo, we covet your prayers in the following areas:

  • Pray for our little boy. That he would be loved and cared for and that even in his young mind, he would know that his Father in Heaven and his mommy and daddy love him very much.
  • Pray that we get a court date before August 8th and that our petition would be approved with no glitches or delays on that date.
  • Pray for us. That the Lord would give us faith when we doubt His plans and that we would be taught by whatever transpires in the next several weeks.
  • Pray for our adoption agency's in-country staff, Belay, who is diligently representing us and many other families who are trying to beat the clock on the court closure. Pray that he would have wisdom and discernment in his work.
  • Pray for Ethiopia orphans who number in the millions. Pray for their health and pray that the Lord would draw many families to adopt these needy children.

Thanks for loving us and praying with us.


The Albertsons said...

Praying as if this were my own case... we're so grateful to God for this time in your lives...

Kimberly Baggett said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new court date! we are right there with you! many prayers for that special day!