Tuesday, August 12, 2008

72 Hours...

I wanted to share what those 72 hours of waiting were like from a momma' point of view! As all adoptions and pregnancies progress there is waiting... waiting and more waiting.. When we were newly pregnant with our first daughter we went in for a check up fairly early on only to hear (or not hear) a heart beat. The doctors got us an appointment for an ultrasound later that day, 9 HOURS LATER. It was some of the most terrifying hours that we logged in our life to this point. Now we understand that many pregnancies early on can end, and know many families to experience this same loss. Similar to the court date, we know many families do not pass. However, when these events do happen and a little life is part of the equation, your reasoning goes to the birds.

Last Tuesday I told God that I felt like I had been winded by a punch in the heart. Quickly, I wanted to be grateful... Grateful for the beautiful children that were right before my eyes, and for the support from hundreds of others in this journey with us. Grateful that our little man was in great hands and His heavenly father loved Him even more! That God is for us and not against us and there is reason. That many more families have waited longer and received discouraging news from court on more than one occasion. So after some time to be sad, pray and several brownies later, I was at peace with more waiting. Tom and I had fully prepared to be reassigned til the fall. And what chance we had for news on Wednesday I had totally ruled out. I planned a play date with a friend in VA and did not want to be around the phone.

As the day went on and several phones calls to Tom to see if he had heard anything, I was losing my calm. We were supposed to hear something by 2 and it was 3:30. I had a ball of nerves in my head, heart, and stomach. Tom was driving me crazy calling and checking blogs to see if anyone else had posted anything. Then he said, "wait someone just posted and just got their call, they are making calls..." I hung up on him! Thirty minutes later we got a call, I picked up the phone and said to our social worker, "you're killing me." She giggled and said, "well at least I am killing you with happy news!" For another time in this amazingly hard process, I said NO Way!" I teared up and pretty much zoned out after that moment. Literally I had just given birth! It was intense and I was exhausted. Ladies who have never biologically given birth, make no mistake this is par the course. Of course your happy, overwhelmed with gratitude, but you are also humbled, tired and in need of rest.

However, no rest for the weary, its off to Ethiopia we go! But like bringing a babe home from the hospital there are many things that need to happen before little man comes home. Many folks have offered to help and there are many ways you can. Please contact us if you are interested. Blessings to all of you for your support!!! It has been more than we could ever imagine. This little dude has many friends!


notes from em said...

we will be praying continual blessings on your head and traveling mercies there and back! so exciting!