Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celeb Sightings

Leah and I had an exciting long weekend of getting it done on the homefront and running into some famous people. We don't have any proof other than eye witness accounts, but we were excited.

Early on Saturday morning, Leah and her running buddy and life coach, Ann Woods Hawks, passed shoulder to shoulder with Laura Bush and her walking girlfriends on the National Mall. Leah apparently mustered the courage to say hello and got a smile in response. Luckily the secret service did not tackle her afterward.

My meeting was more personal and will probably will result in a lifelong friendship and business venture... I was meeting with a group from church at one of my favorite haunts on the Hill (Good Stuff Eatery) last night and ran into the proprietor and Top Chef finalist himself, Mr. Spike Mendelssohn. While pride told me to play it cool, I definitely wanted to say I had met him, so I introduced myself, shook his hand and thanked him for opening such a good restaurant. I think he really appreciated it as he nodded politely.


Susan said...

Come on, Tom...let's not stretch your celeb-spotting status by exaggerating Spike's fame. He was not a finalist...finalists have to make it to the "finals" which he did not. Just saying.

KCG said...

I don't know who "Susan" is, but I like her edge. She knows how to keep Tom in his place.

It is my conclusion that only Justin Timberlake looks cool in the Justin Timberlake hat. Almost finalist chefs who open burger restaurants should go sans hat. Hair net, yet. JT hat, no.

The Albertsons said...

Susan's got edge because she's a Jersey girl. FIST BUMP!
Anyway, Carpenters... I'm really not interested in your celebrity sitings. Hate to be rude. But I REALLY need more Addis sightings. Yep. Bring on the pictures!!!

Julie Wheatley said...

only to people in DC is Laura Bush still a celeb siting. But i love her. and though I don't watch Top chef, i'm pretty sure i would love him too. i love famous people.

Lauren said...

hey friends...come to nashville for some "real" celeb sightings.

julia said...

i saw an interview with laura (mrs bush?) and she said she doesn't worry about people recognizing her on her walks. she just wears a baseball cap and no one notices her.

was she wearing a cap?

gg said...

I wanna see more pics of my grandchildren please :)