Tuesday, October 28, 2008

O' What a Weekend

Friends you should know by now that if our blog is behind we usually have a great reason. This past weekend is the entire reason our blog has the name it has.

Thursday- We have friends in town from Georgia (go dawgs) to run the marathon on Sunday. I come upstairs to get some dessert from the basement, and see a mouse! Yell for husband. Tom enters, gives me a broom and says, "when i move the freezer, get him." Armed with broom little fella comes right to me, I start pouncing on him, several whacks later, he lay in rest. I feel slightly remorseful, I mean I don't sport kill. However, I sorta felt empowered too, like I had just provided security to my family and guests.

Friday- As Tom leaves for work, "honey when you took this antibiotic did it make you feel funny?" Several hours later Tom is laid out at work and wondering if he can make it home. We cancel babysitters (we were going to go out with our friends to celebrate my birthday, which is the next day) and lay low as Tom sleeps most of the evening.

Saturday- Wake up with kids, feed them breakfast and check on Tom. He looks terrible, feels worse and after a phone call to a nurse, we head to the ER. He is experiencing vertigo and not doing well at all! Our friends watch all the kids, while I sit with my sweet husband who asks me, "honey can I tell you what your birthday gift is?" Umm no. After I call a few friends who helped us out by taking our kids for the next 24hours, I started to feel as if the situation was starting to get under control. Bring Tom home from ER after seven hours of medical attention, get dinner, pack kids to go bags, get Tom's meds from pharmacy, drop kids off and climb in bed.

Sunday- 5:30 AM alarm goes off, drink a cup of coffee and head out the door with my good friend for a little 26.2 (our GPS said close to 27) mile run in the 33rd annual Marine Corp Marathon. Get home, block party, start getting kids back, dinner, shower, babysitters arrive, and out the door for a much needed dinner out (Two Amy's, highly recommend). Sweet Tom sat there forcing himself to eat and still sorta out of it. Where's my bed?

Friends I would love to tell you these events are rare, but their not. This is why we have labeled ourselves "Carpenter's Chaos." The grace of God get us through these little "events." He has blessed us with wonderful friends and a community that is always looking out for us. We are so grateful for all the folks who helped us out and cheered for us on Sunday! We are good, tired but good.

Now, what you really care about, pictures....

Ansley Mill's at the book festival.
Addis showing his core muscles at work.
Ellison at the book festival.
Above: Addis's first experience on a swing, not sure he likes it. Below that: the kids at the doctor's office, yes Ansley Mills has a swim suit over her clothes and Ellie is wearing Ansley Mills halloween costume. They were a big hit at the office.
Ellison and Ansley Mills driving at the park.


The Elliott's Adventures said...

love you, friends. we'd do it all over again just to be with you:)

Townes said...

Gotta respect the fact that TC didn't use any of that to blame his 3rd fantasy loss in a row on... oh, wait, that loss was because his D was his leading scorer - the ole DC Duds.

The Trone's: James, Misty, and Bella Grace said...

I just laughed really hard at those costumes! That is so Bella Grace! And, reading your story makes me feel not so alone... love it!

JTP said...

sounds like a fun weekend :-) I love the pics of the kids..esp the last one with the swimsuit. what was your marathon time????