Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Catch Up

Man... Three weeks and only two blog posts is really crappy. I wonder if any of you are still out there.

I will say though that we do have good reason. Our life has just been nuts. As if the weekend where Leah turned 32, I went to the hospital, Leah ran a marathon and the Elliots stayed with us was not wild enough, it has only continued.

Leah's folks came in the following Wednesday and were supposed to stay through the weekend, but we got sad news Friday evening that my beloved Grandfather had passed away. While I had hoped to post about the life of this extraordinary man, I will say here that no finer gentlemen than Bill McGinty has ever lived. He defined the word in every sense and I have fond memories from my childhood and early adulthood of his kind smile, encouraging words and loving demeanor. I will miss him.

So, after we headed to Greenville for several days to be with my family, we returned just in time to vote on Tuesday and for Leah to get the flu. She is feeling better today, but it just seems like it is one thing after another. Hopefully the church retreat this weekend will offer some needed R&R.

As far as how slack we have been regarding pictures of Addis and the rest of the crew, we are working to take and post some new ones soon. But in the meantime, here are some recently received pics from our trip to Edisto this summer. They would have been up sooner, but Charlotte photog extraordinaire, Hope Bray, has such a booming business that her pro-bono beach work got delayed a little. As you can see, Hope takes great pics and if you live in or around Charlotte, you should book her for a shoot ASAP. Thanks Hope.

Working on drip castles

Ansley Mills enjoying the cool salt water

Leah and Amanda maxing by the pool

Ellie caught in the midst of some busy beach activity

Ansley Mills pointing out some "scarewee sharks"


Ansley Mills giving the look

All the kids

Catalog shot


Townes said...

Great to see yall the other day - lova yall.

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

I recognized Edisto from the photos even before I read your post! I am from SC (Chas area) and my parents live at Edisto now. We are there atleast three times a year. Don't you just LOVE it there?!?! I actually worked in the sales office of where you stayed one summer between HS and college!Our Ethiopian Beauties will be introduced to the wonder of Edisto this Thanksgiving!

KCG said...

Tom, you might want to use a lower SPF and let some sun shine in there, brother.

Anonymous said...

this is your personal photographer writing in... wow those are some photos.. who took those.. they are GREAT!!!! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Please never stop blogging. I laugh so hard every time I read it. love the wild weekend and pictures. much love from nashvegas - Eich

Purifoy Family said...

The girls are absolutely beautiful! That picture of all the kids will be one to keep for ever! So sweet!

Purifoy Family said...

The girls are absolutely beautiful! That picture of all the kids will be one to keep for ever! So sweet!

Jennifer said...

hey carpenters!! long time no talk! jody and i hope you all are doing well. what a beautiful family...i love the catalog shot!
tom- so sorry to hear about your grandfather. AND sooo jealous about your SC visits!

Lauren said...

beautiful pics...crystal clear.
makes me want to bask in the sun at the beach...but I need to get some baby weight off before that!
Bring on more pics of Adds...
Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

gg said...

Uh - what's going on up there?