Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Never Felt So Good!

Today started like most days. A few late night wake ups - thanks girls - and me hitting the gym by 5:30am. I had a cup of coffee and packed Ellie's lunch for school while Tom showered for work. Tom and I were debriefing on the day/week ahead while the girls called out, "time to get up?" Not yet is always our first response. So while Addis was chatting to himself in the crib, we heard the girls both start to cry. Typical.

Then Ellie came flying out of their room, "my bed, my was soo beautiful..." Tears streaming down her face, as she clutched her cheeks... "it was so beautiful, oh poor bed..."
No concern for her sister who had just thrown up all over the place. No empathy, nothing. What are we doing wrong as parents?

Tom took Addis and Ellie downstairs to begin breakfast while I gave Ansley Mills an impromptu bath and change of clothes. Once we were all downstairs and perked up a bit Ansley Mills went for round 2! Instantly, Ellie's laments, "oh the table, poor table." So Ansley Mills is crying, Ellie is crying over the table, Addis is crying because he wants his breakfast, Tom is gagging over the "puke," and I want to cry because I am going to need more coffee. All this before 8am, priceless!

Addis charmed to be in his big boy carseat.

Ansley Mills and Ellie decided they needed their sleeping bags for "quiet time" before church.


Lauren said...

oh yeah guys...we can TOTALLY, i mean TOTALLY relate.

The Albertsons said...

sorry yall... i can't help but die laughing at the scene you just painted here... only because that is my life...

Dr. K.Lo said...

I would adjust Addis's caption to say '...charmed to be in the hip MINIVAN...'

just saying.