Friday, January 9, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

The things that come out of this girl's mouth are enough to make any parent get a little nervous when someone says, "that ellie she's got some personality." Some of her more recent comments and context are as follows:

daddy i'm a pretty good finder you should have hid that ring pop better dad (referring to the candy in tom's car)

mommy loves her mini van, that's the way it should be...
(ellie makes up songs daily and this was belting at the top of her lungs when i walked in the door from grocery shopping)

Damn the Ham!
(we work on rhyming words, and after I asked her what she wanted for lunch, I got this)

um, mommy i'm not feeling well today...well apparently my bodies don't like sleep that much
(upon waking up and getting ready for school)

Hey guys we have a new mini van and a new brother!
(anytime someone new walks into our's sad that she has them on the same level...)

Mommy, is that an adult drink, I can have it when I am twenty one?
when she sees tom or myself with a drink other than milk or water

Mommy is Ethiopia in your tummy?

as we were walking to school she was processing in her way our sweet addis, i mean precious


Julie Wheatley said...

so i love the comments. but maybe even more than that I love her cute pigtails!!!! I mean. I remember when she was just a baby lion! well clearly bc there's never been a better costume ever, but she is so cute. Personality and all!

Matt Niemitz said...

I am in love with that picture of Ellie. She's getting so old, so fast!