Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, we may be way behind, and this blog post may have occurred on more trendy or digitally hip blogs a year ago, but it is here and now in the Carpenter household. is one of the coolest concepts since AOL chatrooms in my opinion. It is simple, clean, user friendly and accomplishes several music purposes at once. In a nutshell, Pandora allows you to search an artist of even just a song and it then builds an Internet radio station around your search item that matches musical theme, melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, beat, etc... There are no ads and it allows you to perfectly match your mood with music, while also introducing you to new artists you might like.

Pandora was the outflow of the Music Genome Project which involved coding all music by various "music genes" that would then bind certain songs or artists together even if they did not traditionally match up based by broad or vague genres.

We seriously have Pandora on for all occasions whether at work or at home when we want music and it is revolutionizing the way we experience artists and songs. Basically, if you don't know Pandora yet, you might as well be living by candle light.


L. Watson said...

definitely not hip enough to know about this, but will soon try it out.

Mary Mills said...

Wow! This is really neat. Thanks so much, Tom and Leah. I just typed in "Caroline Herring", and I now have my personal station. By the way, her new album "Lantana" is amazing!

akaufmann said...

also check out