Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well once again, we've been sorta lame and not posted on what has taken place. Some readers want funny stories, some want pictures, and others are looking for information. Sadly, we have not had much to offer. So I will attempt to update you on our updates.

Ellie: Taking dance on Saturday mornings, and loving it. Some of her favorite moves are sneaky cat and "plee A" She is going to school full time and is learning how to speak Spanish (even though that is taught in another class, she somehow is picking it up). When I go to pick her up every kid that we pass says, "hey Ellie." From the other preschoolers to the fifth graders. We laugh at how outgoing she is but are not quite sure how she knows everyone. We are trying to teach Ellie the difference between beautiful (inside and character) and "fashion" (outer appearance's).

Ansley Mills: aka "mom's shadow" She is the cuddlier... Her days are mostly spent requesting to be held, and asking for dad. She is definitely the big sister to Addis and protects him from other kids on the playground. However, she is also the first to tackle, correct and discipline him too. Someone asked me at the playground the other day which kids were mine, to which i replied "the red head." Friends this is growth for me. Although I will still argue that her hair is strawberry blond.

Addis: aka "bruiser" This kid is a Brut! He is not afraid to take on kids twice his size at the playground, especially if the other kid has a snack or cup! He is only two inches shorter than Ansley Mills and strong. His new tricks: he waves and says bye bye, crawls, climbs, and screams. Yesterday I followed behind him as he crawled up this playground equipment, and went head first down the slide without hesitation. But if another kid messes with him, Ansley Mills is on it! Quick to his side and hugging him.

Tom: Working and contemplating a triathlon for the fall.

Leah: I've been a bookworm and trying to dive back into some old hobbies, such as painting. However, I am still hooked on "getting organized."

We have never been more ready for spring than this year. The weather gave us a teaser this past weekend with 70+ temps and sun. We walked over to our community garden and plotted out our "freedom" veggies that we will plant. We have some great friends moving away and some other moving closer. A few trips/weekends planned to visit family and a splattering of doctor appointments.


gg said...

Love the dance photos... I was hoping for some shots from the big A's 1st birthday? You know I can never have enough pictures - (sorry)

Dr. K.Lo said...

leah, you need to embrace the redhead, she is going to have enough red headed prejudices to deal with- sheesh!

i am bringing leah a red wig to wear to work it out....

Purifoy Family said...

love a litle glimpse into your life! All your kids are so cute! Oh,a dn maybe I need to work my way to the top of the commenters list! Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

freedom veggies! what the heck is that? loving your kids are dancing and knockin people around. i'll be happy in implement some that goodness called hip hop when Ellie's ready.

much lovin