Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And That's How We Roll....

This is what we look like rolling around our neighborhood. We have three options for seats: 1. the Main Seat (front seat), the back seat, and jump seat (the footrest by design). All three kids rotate as one seat is not the favorite of anyone. There is a disadvantage to each position. Mainly, if Addis is in the main seat like the above picture, he pulls hair! Now if both girls are in the front of the stroller then they fight. If they fight, then they walk. Before they are allowed back in the stroller they must apologize and forgive each other. Most of the time they get "too tired" and say their sorry pretty quickly. Friends you should see the looks i get. Now if i am up for it I wear one on my back, but get even stranger looks. However, believe it or not this is much much easier than driving, especially around the city.

Now the picture below, these are my running buddies. Now that they are bigger I would much rather jog with them in this stroller as compared to the above stroller. I tell you how many strollers must we have to function. The trailer below also connects to our bikes! These two (Addis and Ansley Mills) ride well together, they have a working relationship of passing toys and books to one another. The only draw back is since Addis can't talk, Ansley talks to me! I am not much for conversation as it takes all my energy just to run and push. However, she is pretty persistent. Tourist have caught me many times explaining to her that, "mommy needs the wind in her body to run right now and we can chat later." I feel a bit guilty, but hey I'm not super mom. So, that's how we roll. City living and loving it!


hollagrigga said...

omg that top picture--hahahhahaha