Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Begins...

On a recent trip to Cincinnati, Addis and Ansley Mills tried to "swim" for the first time. Addis loved it but Ansley Mills was a bit more cautious. Ellie spent most of the time asking her cousin Will to stop splashing. He's actually my cousin but since they are only six days apart in age, she feels a sense of ownership.
Last Saturday Ellie saw that I was putting on my running clothes and raced to get in hers. Please not how similar her "running wear" is to her ballet wear. So we headed out together down to the National Mall and I let her run next to me. It was hilarious! I am not sure if she was interpreting how I run or if this is her own style, time will tell. However, after a block she was pleased to be back in the stroller and several more blocks later she was out cold. Upon arriving back at the house I just wheeled her in the front door and she slept for another two hours! Tom and I were eating lunch and she woke up in pure bewilderment as to what just happened.

So what does the rest of our summer look like? We are being low key and staying in town until early September! So let us know if you want to visit DC!


Olivia said...

that picture of ellie is stinkin' hilarious! miss you leah!