Monday, June 15, 2009

This Girl is Creative!

We all know that kids say funny things, that goes without saying. However, Ellie has been on a role lately.

1. Kids like to repeat what they hear. We have told Ellie she may hear an adult say something that is not appropriate for her or kids to say. They are known as "adult words." This weekend Ellie decided by her own accord that kids should have their own words that adults can not say. Hilarious and sorta brilliant. Some of those words include Yah Yah, and Big Bad Wolf.

2. While riding to church, Ellie hollers from the back seat, "Is Jesus in your private parts?" I let Tom field this one... Also, "Did God make private parts first?"

3. Ellie has taken it upon herself to potty train Ansley Mills. While Tom and I were still in bed Ellie asked to use the bathroom, and was followed in there by Ansley Mills. We overheard the following conversation:
E:Ansley Mills would you like to try to use the potty?
AM: yeah
E: ahh Ansley Mills your diaper is already wet, you need to wait and pee pee in the potty
AM: oohhh, but how?
E: You need to ask Jesus... He will help you, have you prayed to him?
AM: No, okay
E: yeah he will help you, okay? Now lets get you a new diaper, you're not ready yet, and thats okay, keep praying...


Julie Wheatley said...

that is so sweet! keep praying AM! hahaha And for real. If I ever have a kid. I know who I'm coming to for potty training......and by that I mean Jesus?

Jade said...

the potty training.....TOO SWEET!!!

JT said...

for real, can I buy the movie rights to your family? you guys are the best!

Megan said...

this is precious - thanks for sharing!