Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nationals vs. Reds

Last week, we went to the Nationals baseball game with our community group. We or Addis and I were thrilled to find out they were playing the Reds. So Addis and I showed our old hometown support and he wore a Red's hat, that only lasted as long as we held it on his head. So a true hometown fan he turned out to be. We left the house with thunderstorms in the sky but managed to squeeze in nearly seven innings before calling it a night at 10 PM. The kids did great all things considered, the french fries helped. Since you can't bring strollers into the stadium the girls got to ride the train in high style.

Ellie was not super excited about staying a few more innings. Addis loved being in his own seat.

Note the first picture is our way there and below our way home. This picture was not posed, merely the effects of being out super late. Now I was hoping they would sleep in and no they did not! In fact they had a horrible day the next day and I documented the day by texting Tom, "never again." What you do for family time!