Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pickin' Crabs and Cold Beer!

There is an old southern tale about crabbin'. I learned this folklore on a trip to the beach early in my chapter with Tom. Apparently, you take a raw chicken neck, let it "cook" outside in a plastic bag in the hot humid sun. Once the bait is seasoned by the sweet sun, you tie a string around it and throw it into the water from the shore. Let it sit and slowly, painfully even draw it in. In theory the crab is supposed to grab it and you trick them by slowly bringing them on the beach. Now, I have never seen a crab brought in by this method. More over, I feel like it is something all southern folks know to make fun of northern folks. That being said, picking and eating crabs is a blast! So we took to our fresh fish market to get the real thing. From the bay early that morning to our table top that evening.

The girls enjoyed picking out our crabs and looking at the other fish around the market. The smell was overwhelming when we arrived but you got used to it. The girls were not too interested in picking them once they were cooked and they wanted to know how these lively crabs we picked were now dinner. Hmmm, no maybe they will not be picking crabs anytime soon. Oh well, more for us!


Dr. K.Lo said...

crabs = summertime deliciousness
...even better on the carps back POrch