Monday, July 6, 2009

Urban Farming, the series...

The home of our infamous garden space is none other than King's Court Community Garden. Located in a picturesque alley surrounded by abandoned homes, cars and chicken bones our 12 x 12 plot of "land" is where our future dinner calls home. The owl, named, "the owl," by our girls watches over our stack and attempts to keep the rats away from our tomatoes. Now is your mouth not watering for what we harvest.

We started farming three years ago with another similar plot in a community garden in Virginia. From there we sorta became hooked on growing our own food, adding to our spread each year as we learn more and more how to grow. This year we are trying our hand at corn, beets, and many differing varieties of peppers and heirloom tomatoes. The kids have their own tools and watering cans. They are gifted in the watering department. Each child plays a role in harvest, Ansley Mills locates, Ellie picks and Addis eats. We bring home our surplus and take a stab at making something from it. Right now our lettuce has been giving us fresh salads! Cilantro and basil have been making for killer toppings, pesto and salsa. Rosemary, thyme, parsley and oregano have all been adding to the mix as well. With green tomatoes on the vine, corn silks showing themselves and baby squash starting to grow we are hoping the next few days will bring us some braggin rights.

Please stay tuned for our urban farming series throughout the growing season.