Friday, July 10, 2009

Eastern Market is Back!

A few weeks after we moved to Capitol Hill back in 07, The Historic Eastern Market caught on fire. A fire that started in a trash can gutted the place and the roof caved in on the building. This iconic place to buy veggies, meats, seafood, artisan cheese and fresh bread is located a few blocks from our house. It was one of the highlights to living on the hill. We were also disappointed because we were still reeling over our friends(who also lived a few blocks away) announcing their plans to move to LA. I mean we just got here after all. They set up a temporary structure but it just was not the same. So after almost around the clock construction the market reopened just in time for the fourth of July! Tom did not have to work on Friday so we walked our crew down to the market for some infamous breakfast.

You can sit at a long table with stools but will be fined 100$ for saving seats. The girls got to eat pancakes, "with too much syrup." Addis had to stay contained in the stroller but here he is showing off his sign language (more, of course is the first sign he knows!).

They tried to restore the market as historically as the could, peachy painted walls and all. We are so happy to have it back! Now if we could just get our friends back from CA....