Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What will happen if?

I mean you could eat this? From our garden, fresh, safe and preservative free or.... this?

So my children have three different food preferences. However, the one thing they can agree on is goldfish. Is it the salt, the shape, the color, the smile or the idea that they are not really eating. Just merely "snacking." I am not a short order cook, and I refuse to fix four dinners a night, or waste food. Then I think I mean they should eat right and there are times I am just over the complaining, groaning, and straight up refusal to eat. I think, "fine, if they want to eat goldfish for dinner, fine, at least I am not fighting with my kids or wasting food." So I got to thinking, this is not a new phenomenon. What will happen if they just eat goldfish for dinner?


Jade said...

GOLDFISH=GOOD DINNER!!! Hey I lived on cheese, Dr. Pepper, and hotdogs for I don't know how many years and I'm still alive =)