Monday, November 30, 2009

Moms Know Best!

Friends I really don't want to sound like a broken record, however here we are again giving this blog another breath of air. On this rainy, cold, dismal, dreary and down right depressing Monday my dear friend Susan P. and myself were commiserating about our lives. Ladies you know what I am talking about, Mom Jeans. Our lives have been reduced to Mom Jeans. Not enough hours in the day, days of the week or wrinkle cream to make it work. Susan P. called me around lunch time and mentioned that she "recycled" two trash bags of toys and that it does not even look like she made a dent. Nothing like picking up toys, changing diapers that did not do their job well, and getting sassed by a three year old to make you feel like you need a 9 inch zipper! What happened to those designer jeans that made you feel like a teenager with a booty that don't stop?

We do love our children and in all seriousness would chose no other way in life than this. However, it pushes you to the edge of sanity at times. So while on the phone we came up with a list of things we wish someone would have told us before we dove into this whole gig:

Diaper Bags- overrated, get something you would use anyway to carry around
Toys with no creative potential- i.e. 100 pieces of small plastic food
January and February are like black holes- the are dark, deep and spring never comes!
There will be days where no matter how hard you try you will not feel cute or young!
Never buy or wear dry clean only clothes again, without fail some bodily fluid will get on it.
Putting kids on the kitchen counter even though potty trained is taking a big risk.
It's a dog eat dog world even at play dates. The strong survive the rest suck their thumb.
You could feed a farm animal off of the "crumbs" found in your car.
Just throw out the sippy cup with gelled milk, no need to wash.
Bathing your kids an average of twice a week is doing really good.

At the end of this day which pair of jeans are you reaching for in your closet? You tell me...


The Albertsons said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS POST!!!! Now i'm super super super sad that we didn't get to hang with you last week... oh my seriously i love you... this is beyond hilarious and obviously describes my life...
i love you..

Trash Bag Depot Advocate said...

This is fantastic. Wish i could spend my days with my family like you do too. Your site is very inspiring.