Monday, January 11, 2010


Ansley Mills has been our tough to love child as of late. Precious dear that is going through "the three's" at our house. We fondly remember Ellie going through this stage a couple of years ago but without this degree of stubbornness. I love that she is different from her sister and her strong will is and will be an asset in certain life situations. However, her middle of the night meltdowns that last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour is NOT one of those circumstances. Nothing will calm her down, nothing. Last night (after a whole week of solid sleep praise God) she awoke at 4am screaming. Her messaging could not be dis-ciphered and Tom tried his darnedest to interpret. After a few minutes she was yelling my name and since I was up I thought I'd go and see if I could offer some assistance.
I walked into her room and knelt by her bed and after a few attempts at speaking, she hissed through tears, "momma give me back my ice cream!" Then proceeded to lose it again. I held back my laughter and calmly explained I had not taken any ice cream from her. Then we talked about dreams for a minute and asked her if she had a dream that mommy took her ice cream and she nodded. Now this isolated event is funny but the funnier part of all this is that this is the THIRD time she has awoken in terror over mommy taking her ice cream. Now the truth is I can not remember taking ice cream from her. The other truth is that ice cream is my favorite food and I would not put it past me to encourage her to share some with me. What does this say about my parenting that my children wake themselves frightened that mommy is stealing their ice cream...


Julie Wheatley said...

you sure did post an awfully cute pic--not helping the reader to imagine her as a lil terror! So cute! ice cream is my fave too. i've been thinking this motherhood thing seemed too good to know you can steal their ice cream. Good to know. I feel better already.

DianneM said...

That was hilarious. When I think of nightmares; someone stealing my ice cream seems like a REALLY bad one to me too.

Holly Priscilla said...

aww!! bless her heart and yours!! of course take this with big grains of salt cuz i'm certainly an amateur, but the ice cream dream actually sounds to me like it could be a dream about individuation--struggling to define the boundaries between "me" and "you", "mine" and "yours". it's such a hard developmental task!! especially if you have an amazing mommy you probably don't WANT to differentiate from! who would?!! but that is what age three demands of the self. so hard!! at any rate, the way i see it, your and tom's comfort and patient yet structuring presence throughout the process, as is evident, has got to be a secure anchor for her through it all, more than you realize. hope my two bits isn't too intrusive--just musings of a budding therapist. i so love your stories and adore the carpenter fam.

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Anonymous said...

We are totally laughing at this latest incident and can relate to a middle of the night meltdown. Many years ago your cousin had the same issues and he is our very determined one as well...
God has a plan, patience and endurance are the keys. He can supply what you all need. We will pray for you tonight as we smile and laugh.

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Kathryn said...

Hey there. I'm Kathryn and I'm a blog lurker. A friend who (I think) works with someone who knows you sent me a link way back when you adopted your son and I've followed your blog ever since. I was wondering if there was a way I could chat with you. We're looking into adopting a baby and I'm just wanting to talk to someone who has had a similar experience. I blog too, it's here: I suppose I'm trying to prove that I'm not a random crazy person. :-) My email is Thanks! Kathryn

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