Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here's the thing...

I've said it before...right? Coming back like Britney... bigger than ever.. (see a blog about two years ago!) On April 16th around lunch time.. Some idiot decided to wiggle open a locked window and help themselves to our possessions. The haul included our computers.. cameras.. just to name a couple of things. So I have been unable to do much.. However.. some very generous friends hooked us up with some hardware so really that excuse does not cover January-April and then April 20th to present. But that is what I continued to tell myself.

So the chaos has continued... At present... I asked the kids.. "what do you want people to know about you.."

Ellison- She wants you to know that she can read books and cook good and has learned to body surf waves at the ocean.

Ansley Mills- nothing

Addis- He is out of diapers but does not poop in the potty. I will leave the visuals to you for now. However a nasty picture may follow at some point. I can not make any promises. It's all out war!

Tom and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We are proud to say that at this point we have out lasted some minor appliances (think toaster oven wedding present) and think a major appliance (think dryer) is on its way out and all the while we are holding strong. I feel like I could be back in action but would love some feedback from readers as to what they would like to see featured on "carpenter's chaos..." I look forward to your thoughts..