Saturday, September 3, 2011

This girl kills me...

This is Ellison... our first born. She is turning seven this year. Tom and I feel like "those" parents who comment daily, "it's going by so fast." Seven feels old! Up until this point it is a lot of child's play, now it feels real. In another seven years she will be doing her own thing until she moves out for college or the next chapter of her life. Seems a little dramatic doesn't it? However, she is already a little adult in training.

At the park yesterday she picked up a friend's bike and just started riding it. No instruction other then me saying, "Ellie you just have to keep pedaling or you will lose your balance." I was occupied feeding a baby with one hand and watching Addis punch another child who would not let him play soccer. So Ellie took it upon herself to pick up the bike and take matters into her own hands. A true first born. I would love to show you a picture of her riding but alas I have not figured out how to take pictures from my camera phone and upload them onto my blog. Baby steps I tell myself.

Ellie has started the first grade. Ansley Mills is doing Kindergarten, and Addis is making sure you know he is still around. It is so fun and funny to see three kids in the same house, relatively close in age and all so different in their own way. More to come for sure!