Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Down to Dominoes

Quick update on the adoption front...

When we first started the process several months ago, we were really able to multi-task. We could work on our Home Study, Gladney adoption papers and the foreign dossier all at once. It was awesome because while we knew we were a long way from getting on a plane, the sense of accomplishment was real.

However, now we are down to dominoes essentially. For example, for the last two weeks we have been waiting on this one doctor's note, which is then key to the home study, which is then key to an FBI clearance issue, which is then essential for our foreign dossier... It can be really frustrating because one snag delays the whole process and you start to feel like the next step will never come.

We are thankful though, that, as of this morning, the notarized doctor note finally came through. This will at least get us moving again and one step closer to our little boy.

As far as timing, we are still thinking that travel will occur sometime this summer. As that gets closer, it is really hitting us that our future son may already be born at this time. While we are more excited with each passing day, our hearts our heavy wondering about the conditions he might be experiencing at this very moment.

We are currently praying for nourishment and a loving environment for him if he has been born and for health and good care for his mother if he is still in the womb. Please join us in the petition.

Lastly, the recent violence in Ethiopia's neighboring country of Kenya, which has been one of Africa's most stable and economically growth oriented countries for the last 20 years, has reminded us of the world our son is coming from. As we have walked down this road a ways, I think we have become a little naive as to how rough things can be in Africa and how quickly they can deteriorate. While Ethiopia has been relatively stable for the last few years, it is in the middle of a cauldron of instability, and as with Kenya, it does not seem like it takes much for things to spiral out of control.

In case you have not looked at a map recently, Ethiopia has some really great neighbors: Sudan and Somalia with Rwanda and the Congo close by. We hope and pray, and not just for our new son, that Ethiopia can continue its own stability and development in the coming year. We also pray for Kenya, especially tomorrow, as the planned rally could either be a break point for peace or increasing violence similar to the start of the Rwandan genocide of the 90s.

We will keep you updated.


KCG said...

Bless you for your patience with all of that. Frustrating, but it will be worth it.